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Dried Flowers

A space for you and your family.

…to explore, heal and strengthen yourself and your relationships. Clear Mind Therapy offers attachment-based therapy services to individuals, couples and families so you can live openly & authentically-- with a clear mind and an open heart. We foster a space that is safe for all to express their true self, free from judgement and expectation.

Hannah Murfet

We are all wired for connection – beginning in infancy, we are driven by the need to experience safety and closeness in relationships. It is the most basic of human needs and it significantly impacts the way we feel. I am passionate about helping individuals and couples find connection with themselves and others – by working through traumas and beliefs that create isolation, anxiety, and pain.


As a clinical social worker, I have worked with individuals from infancy to adulthood. I specialize in working with new parents and couples; while these 2 groups may seem very different, they have something big in common: the attachment system is LIT. UP. It is my joy and passion to support you as you heal from traumas and release unhelpful beliefs-- so you may live your life with a clear mind and an open heart, authentically connected to yourself and others.  


Newborn Baby

Perinatal Mental Health

Motherhood changes us. It is a delicate time that requires space to grow, process and heal.  We are here to help you navigate the challenges (and joys) that come with adjusting to this life change.


Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is available to those who are seeking to repair their relationship or explore intimacy on a deeper level. We are trained in Emotionally-Focused Therapy, an evidence-based model that has become the gold-standard for helping couples re-connect and deepen their relationship. 

Enjoying the Nature

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is available to create a safe space for you to dive deeper into what may be holding you back. This may include topics related to anxiety, depression, life transitions, religious trauma or family of origin challenges. 

Getting Started.

Check out the site

Read about our services and approach.

Reach out to schedule a consultation

We want to make sure you feel it's a good fit before you get invested. Did you know that your relationship with your therapist is a significant factor for gaining  benefits and change from therapy?


Consultations usually last about 15 minutes - it's a time to ask any lingering questions and to make sure we vibe. 

Schedule your appointment
Once you speak with your therapist, you can schedule your first appointment! This will be offered during the consult, but there is no obligation to book. 


Get to Know Us

Our team is trained in specific focus areas that reflect our passions and expertise. We continuously refine our craft through training, consultation, and supervision, ensuring that we provide you with the highest quality therapy. We take this responsibility seriously and don't claim to treat everything.

Clear Mind Therapy values authenticity, diversity, and inclusivity. We believe that everyone deserves a safe space to explore their thoughts and emotions and we are committed to protecting that environment for all of our clients. 

We understand that therapy is not a magic bullet. Healing takes time, intention, and attention to all aspects of health. 

We, as the therapist, are not any more enlightened than you- we keep our ego in check.

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